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  • Ep 152 - Anti-Imperialist Birthright w/ Marvin Gonzalez

    Jamie is joined by Marvin Gonzalez (@Sulliedsubjects), a member of DSA's International Committee Secretariat, to discuss his recent trip to Venezuela as part of DSA's delegation to the Congreso Bicentenario de los Pueblos del Mundo, as well as his experience touring las comunas, a Soviet-like organ of dual power.

    Outro song: Lloviznando Cantos - Arriba a la Izquierda

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  • PREVIEW - Is China Imperialist? w/ Tony Norfield

    As promised, here is a continuation of the discussion with Tony Norfield about capitalist imperialism and finance: is China's Belt and Road Initiative an imperialist endeavor? Despite having billionaires and huge corporations, is China even capitalist? What would a new Cold War between America and China look like?

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  • Ep 151 - Invisible Empire w/ Tony Norfield

    Sean speaks with Tony Norfield (@StubbornFacts) who worked for decades in international banking and has seen first hand the way capital exploits the world, about the intersection of finance and empire. His book, 2016's The City, is more than just an update Lenin and Hilferding's work on imperialism, it provides a crucial Marxist analysis and critique of the capitalist world system, interest-bearing capital, international institutions, and more.

    In this interview we discuss the long duree of Brexit, where the British ruling class fits in the hegemonic world order, the connection between market power and state violence, the rise of 'neoliberalism', and critique the idea that capitalism is being replaced by 'neofeudalism' or 'rentier capitalism'.

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    Outro: Dirtbombs - Living Just Enough for the City (Stevie Wonder)

  • BONUS - Folkintelpro w/ Aaron J. Leonard (PREVIEW)

    Aaron J Leonard gives us a preview of his next book on folk music, revolutionary politics, and state repression in the '60s. We discuss Dylan going electric, his relationship with the old and new left, the black panthers' obsession with Highway 61 Revisited, and how much revolutionaries should worry about COINTELPRO today

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  • Ep 150 - Anti-Folk w/ Aaron J. Leonard

    Historian of the radical left and state repression Aaron J. Leonard discusses his book Folk Singers and the Bureau, a chronicle of the relationship between American musicians, the Communist Party, and the FBI. We also talk about state repression today, human evolution, and Eric Adams' history of backing the blue.

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    Pete Seeger - Song for Bridges

    Woody Guthrie - 1913 Massacre

    The Weavers and Howard Fast - The Peekskill Story

  • Ep 149 - Lavender Scare + Stonewall Riot Porn w/ John Leavitt [PREVIEW]

    In this belated celebration of gay liberation Andy talks to writer and cartoonist for the New Yorker, Baffler, The Toast, the Nib, etc, and a real life gay communist, John Leavitt about the Lavender Scare--a moral panic and homophobic purge of the State Department after World War II that paralleled and informed the Red Scare. We also discuss purges of homosexuals from Leninist organizations, and whether it is better today that government buildings fly the rainbow flag.

    After that some audio riot porn in the form of an excerpt from Martin Duberman's Stonewall, including a background on the raid and vivid details of how the riot began and how it played out.

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    Song: Sylvester - You Make me Feel (Mighty Real)

  • Vampire Castle - Vampyres & The Vampire Lovers w/ Tanya Turner

    Jamie (@jamie_elizabeth) and Leslie (@leslieleeiii) discuss two scary, sexy — and above all, seventies — lesbian vampire movies with the help of Tanya Turner (@auntiebernice) of the Trillbilly Workers Party: Vampyres (1974) and The Vampire Lovers (1970).

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    Outro music: Secret Shame - Calm

  • PREVIEW: Ep 148 - Everybody Loves Communism w/ Aaron Thorpe (Parts 2&3)

    Jamie and Aaron (@punishedtrapgod) finish out their discussion of Marx and Engels' "The Communist Manifesto."

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