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  • Ep 82 - Denvir's Nuggets w/ Daniel Denvir

    Jamie is joined by Daniel Denvir (@DanielDenvir), esteemed host of Jacobin's The Dig (aka socialist NPR) to talk about his book "All-American Nativism: How The Bipartisan War On Immigrants Explains Politics As We Know It." In an effort to explain how we got orange man, Denvir traces the history of anti-immigrant politics in the US, paying close attention to the bipartisan consensus that emerged in the 1970s and intensified with NAFTA, only fracturing when the GOP went fully mask off. What have been the material factors driving this? How does decriminalization of migration benefit the working class as a whole? And how should left-populist politicians like you-know-who talk about things like "open borders"? We realize it's like the third episode we've done on this topic, but it's important!

    Outro music: Karen O w/ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - Immigrant Song and


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  • Antifada's History is a Weapon 6: Utopia w/ Matt Christman

    In part one of this extended episode on utopian socialism, Sean KB and Matt Christman examine the seeds of the anti-work/pro-leisure impulse from hobos to harlots to Hussites.

    Where does the drive for an autonomous, collective communal existence come from? How has religion been a catalyst for envisioning utopia in heaven and on earth? In what ways did Christianity and capitalism give rise to the fractious movements that challenged the entire social order? And how did these revolts prefigure the rise of a more, shall we say, scientific socialism?

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    Part two on labor phalanxes, back-to-the-land and Occupy Wall Street next week!

  • UNLOCKED: History is a Weapon #4 - Pivotal Decade (1970s) w/ Matt Christman part 2

    In anticipation of HIAW 6 (out this week for patrons!) we are releasing for the public the second half of this episode.

    Matt and Sean finish this extended look into the 1970s by answering the questions: Why did Carterism (spoiler alert!) fall apart over its internal contradictions? Where have the politics of personal virtue taken us? Why was Reagan the man of the hour and why was Clintonism his enduring achievement? How did neoliberalism become the economic consensus and what the hell is happening now that its entire political and economic edifice is collapsing?

    All will be revealed herein. The boys may have been tipsy off Tecate, but you'll need to pack that bong for a big old rip as 500 years of *systemic cycles of accumulation* are synthesized to make sense of this current pivotal decade that echoes so much of what happened in the '70s.

  • Ep 81 - Parasite w/ Leslie Lee III

    Leslie Lee III (@leslieleeiii) of Struggle Session (@strugglesesh) joins Jamie to discuss South Korean filmmaker (and comrade) Bong Joon-ho's beautifully subversive upstairs-downstairs-downstairs parable "Parasite." Warning: contains spoilers!!!

    Outro music: Queers - Like a Parasite

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  • I love the Tens pt. 3 w/ Simone Norman, Jake Flores

    We close out our three-part recap of the decade that was with 2015-now. Jake gives his grand unified theory of the black and blue dress (or is it white and gold?!). Rachel Dolezal. Trump's epic pwnage of Hillary Clinton and us, and the even more embarrassing rise of the #resistance. The libs go un poco loco. Mask off time. The gang gets sincere. And more.

    Thanks for all your support this decade, fam!

    Closing song: Drake - Headlines

  • BONUS: I Love the Tens pt. 2: Simone's 2014

    Ebola, the Fappening, ISIS, The Ice Bucket Challenge, #Doom. Simpler times: 2014!

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  • Ep. 80 - I Love the Tens! pt. 1 w/ Jake Flores, Simone Norman

    Obamacare! Occupy! The Tea Party! Taylor Swift! ISIS!!!!!! An epochal Antifada spectacular! The whole crew + Jake and Simone take on the decade year by year. In Part 1 we go from 2009-2013. Simone's 2014 will be released Friday, and we get caught up with the rest next Wednesday.

    Closing song: Kanye West, Jay Z - No Church in the Wild

  • The Antifan Who Stole Christmas w/ Minion Death Cult

    HⒶ HⒶ HⒶ! Ⓐnti-Saint Nick here with an XMas Xpost of Andy and Sean's recent appearance on Minion Death Cult! Alex and Tony lead us in a reading of what is sure to become a holiday classic, a 2017 piece from the Boston Police Union magazine titled, "The Antifan Who Stole Christmas."

    "A reaction to the enormous anti-racist Boston protest held directly after Charlottesville, "The Antifan" chronicles a pesky critter who wishes to destroy the town of Bhlueville and their holiday celebration."

    Then we read some reactions to a National Catholic Register article titled "Bernie Sanders Says Christians Need Not Apply For Public Office."

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    Closing Music: Low - Just Like Christmas

  • Ep 79 - Uncontrollable Serge w/ Mitch Abidor

    Writer, translator, and historian of the revolutionary left Mitch Abidor joins Andy and Sean to discuss the life, legacy, and relevance of "The Bolshevik's Pet Anarchist" Victor Serge!

    An illegalist anarchist turned anarcho-syndicalist, turned Bolshevik, turned left-oppositionist before being completely blackpilled, Serge is a rare example of a revolutionary who jumped from tendency to tendency while still maintaining his principals. Abidor and Richard Greenman recently translated Serge's 1936-1947 notebooks, written mostly while in exile in Mexico watching the dream of proletarian revolution unravel.

    Find more Abidor's work at and the New York Review of Books

  • Talkin' Tina 2 - Peru Talkin' to me?

    In episode 2 of @spaceprole's side project on contemporary and historical political issues in Latin America. This month we have Camilo Gómez, a Peruvian writer with bylines at Counterpunch and the Center for a Stateless Society, and the host of the History and Politics podcast.

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    We discuss how the lavajato spilled into Peru, making anti-corruption a focus of the upcoming legislative elections. Gomez goes into details on the 3-4 currents of the divided Peruvian left, before going into a history of the armed struggle movement that culminated in the Shining Path. We talk about a couple other idiosyncratic Peruvian tendencies, like the Trotskyist ecosocialism of ex-Posadist Hugo Blanco and the UFO leftism of Alfa y Omega.

    Finally we talk about "market socialism" in the Peruvian context and have a little debate over whether markets are ever something worth defending.

    You can find Camilo's writing and podcasts here: