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  • Ep 77: People's Republic of Toontown w/ donoteat1

    Have you ever asked yourself what weird 1980s Hollywood live-action/cartoon crossover films have to say about the infamous General Motors Streetcar Scandal of the mid-20th century? Well do we have a film for you!

    Sean sits down with fellow socialist railfan Justin Roczniak, AKA donoteat1, to get at the real and sordid history behind Robert Zemekis' 1988 blockbuster Who Framed Roger Rabbit? How the hell was this crazy film made? What does it tell us about the history of public transit in Los Angeles and elsewhere? Why is Elon Musk full of shit? How would rail fit into the Green New Deal and socialism broadly? Most importantly, how did our fans get us to watch hentai?

  • BONUS- Real Kollontai Hours #2 w/ Rachel Rabbit White & Oyster (PREVIEW)

    In our second Real Kollontai Hours, Rachel Rabbit White (@rabbitwhite) and Oyster (@oyster_nyt) take up Alexandra Kollontai's 1921 essay "Prostitution and Ways of Fighting It." Was Kollontai right about the evils of prostitution, or should we say "okay boomer" to this outdated comintern moralism as we move toward our glorious FALC future? Most importantly, whomst among us is going to incorporate "fucking for sacks of flour" into their sexy roleplaying from now on?

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  • Ep 76 - Let Them Sit Cake w/ Rachel Rabbit White, Nina Luo & Oyster

    Sex workers of the world, unite! Jamie and Andy are joined by poet/journo Rachel Rabbit White (@rabbitwhite), organizer Nina Luo (@theninaluo) and whore-of-all trades Oyster (@oyster_nyt) to talk organizing in the world of sex work and why any socialist worth their clever display name should care. What's Decrim NY and what are they after? How has sex trafficking discourse been used to enforce borders and police the marginalized? What can the average person do to facilitate the self-liberation of the twerking ass? And what's the deal with whippets? After dropping several metric tons of knowledge, the guests humor us as we play our favorite game "After the Rev" and imagine how the vocation formerly known as sex work might fit into our glorious fully automated gay luxury space communist future.

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  • Bonus preview: Real Lib Dem Hours w/ Trash Future

    Trash Future leads us in a reading of James Kirkup's dystopian fanfic "How the Lib Dems could seize power." Excuse the laddery we were many cans deep.

    Read along:

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  • Ep 75 - CANZUCK w/ Trash Future

    Andy and Sean go to UK to suck some cans with the lads and lass of England's only podcast, TRASH FUTURE. We discuss the upcoming elections, the deep insecurities at the center of posh life motivating Boris Johnson's political career, the LibDem and ChUK cucks, and Corbyn's cheeky plan to nationalize Nandos and put Mr. Bean on the dole or whatever.

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  • PREVIEW - Vampire Castle - The Hunger / The Lost Boys

    In this edition of Vampire Castle, Jamie and Leslie tackle two very different (but both very '80s) vampire movies: Tony Scott's 'The Hunger' (1983) and Joel Schumacher's 'The Lost Boys' (1987). Sign up at to hear the whole episode!

  • Ep 74 - The Protracted People's War of Appalachia w/ Trillbilly Workers Party

    In this long awaited Antifada x Trillbillies crossover, Jamie speaks with Tom Sexton (@tomsexton), Tarence Ray (@tarenceray) and Tanya Turner (@auntiebernice) of Trillbilly Workers Party (@thetrillbillies) about their media project, Kentucky's recent election, and how they became dyed-in-the-wool radicals and electoral skeptics. Also: jobs vs. environmentalism, the pitfalls of the "just transition" program, and an update on Penny the Pony!

    Outro music: Erik Petersen - For an Old Kentucky Anarchist

  • Ep 73 - Hard Hat Riot w/ Billy O'Connor & John Tormey

    In this special episode of The Antifada, Sean KB is joined by fellow building tradesmen Billy and John to do a little workers inquiry on themselves.

    We discuss our own work histories and how we became radicalized through historical events and our experiences on the job. We poke holes in the JD Vance 'white working class' mythos that sees cultural regression as the wellspring of Trumpism. Lastly, we talk about the structures we've encountered in our particular unions and how the working class might overcome the provincialism and conservatism of business unionism.

    Outro: Billy Bragg - Which Side Are You On?

    Check out John's excellent article here:

  • PREVIEW: History is a Weapon 5 - The Rise and Fall of Suburbia (2/2)

    Matt Christman and Sean KB bring our story of suburbia up to the present moment, when the periphery is in crisis and urban areas are suffering late-stage gentrification: How was Los Angeles the archetypal American city? Who developed suburbia and why? Which class interests are upheld by the primacy of real estate in American political economy? And whither suburban life in the 21st century?

    All this and more along with an analysis of that class fraction everyone's talking about these days: the PrOfEsSiOnAL MaNaGeRiAL CLaSs!

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  • Ep 72 - Minions Night w/ Minion Death Cult

    We celebrate MISCHIEF NIGHT with the scariest show on the internet: MINION DEATH CULT. Hosts Anthony Edwards and Tony Boswell find the scariest, most derange, and dumbest boomer posts online and read them slow enough to truly grasp their inanity. After sharing some dumb Halloween stories, we look at an evangelical plot to infiltrate costume shops, commemorate last years' Nov 4 Antifa supersoldier revolution, recall the Infowars hit piece on Jamie earlier this year, and close out with some Tim Pool Joker-posting.

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