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Ep 203 - Literacy is Overrated w/ Ian Svenonius (preview)

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Ian Svenonius is a rock singer (Nation of Ulysses, The Make-Up, Chain and the Gang) now turned Marxist polemicist with his new book Against the Written Word.

We discuss his theory of literacy as a tool of the bourgeoisie and how rock n' roll reeducation camps might be the antidote, and why that might not go far enough for as to completely devolve to our neanderthal origins.

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Interview with Ian about being the "sassiest boy in America" and why the workers are rock-and-roll

Read John Zerzan on The Failure of Symbolic Thought

Check out his film The Lost Record

Opening song: Nation of Ulysses - Aspirin Kid

Closing song: The Make-Up - I am Pentagon