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Diving into the Wreckage 6.4: Sometimes the Light at the End of the Tunnel is a Train w/ C. Derick Varn EXTENDED PREVIEW

Sean and Varn take a brief intermission from their long-running debt crisis series to check in on the state of the American Left. (Tl;dr it's not looking good.)

Where have the forces unleashed by the Bernie wave gone? Why has the social-democratic left become merely an adjunct to the Democratic Party? How come revolutionary organizations have either liquidated themselves into the DSA or remained marginal micro-sects? In what ways might these two coeval paths be overcome and what part might all of us play in this overcoming?

This is an extended preview of [the three-hour long conversation]( the three-hour long conversation) which ends on a hopeful note and a call to action. If you're interested in this content, become a patron today at

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