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  • PREVIEW - Commune Issue 2 (Shyam on Shyam)

    @commune_mag editor Shyam @dollarpizza1 joins us for what was meant to be a friendly chat about Issue 2 of Antifada's favorite publication... then things went horribly wrong. Is Shyam cancelled? Tune in to find out.

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  • Ep. 45 - Full Yellow Jacket w/ Rona Lorimer

    After a quick lesson on Fugazinomics, we talk with Parisian Rona Lorimer, author of the Yellow Vest Diaries from the new issue Commune Magazine, about the origins of the Gilet Jaunes movement, its politics and potentials.

    [Note: in the intro Sean confuses the Provos (Irish Republicans) with the Ulster Volunteer Forces (anti-Catholic, loyalist murderers) like an idiot. Big apologies to all on the screw up!]

    Read Rona's article here:

    We mention/stole a title from this:

    There's so much talk about we unfortunately barely make it past December, so please check out these updates from our comrades in France: A lot of translated material here:

    For French readers:

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    Closing music: D1ST1 - Gilet Jaunes

  • Ep 44 - No Deal-With-It Brexit w/ Niral Shah

    Third-time (!) guest @niralshah jumps in to help us bang through some recent cancellations: Rachel Maddow, Barbara Streisand, the International Socialist Org... and Great Britain as a viable/sane bourgeois democratic state.

    Since we couldn't get any limeys to come on and talk UK politics, we had to do our best to Yank-splain what the hell is happening on the other side of the pond:

    Why is a Brexit? What's at stake in this slow-motion train wreck for Corbyn and the left? How come - as Jordan Peterson would say - the whole thing is crazy? As usual, it's the political-economy, stupid.

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    This is the great Paul Mason 'Tysky Sour' ep we mention:

    Outro - Destructors - Fuck the E.U.

  • Ep 43 - Give 'Em Enough Trope w/ Eli Valley

    We are joined by cartoonist, writer and all-around provocateur @elivalley to talk about his work, including recent online run-ins with fellow Jewish luminaries Ben Shapiro, Meghan McCain and Chelsea Clinton. Eli discusses the ways in which his art lampoons the fraught and contentious relationship between Israeli/Christian Zionists and the largely liberal/leftist Jewish diaspora.

    Lots of good talk in here about xenophobic right-wing forces abroad allying with Likudniks and Kahanists in Israel, the war over Jewish identity, and the contradictions that lie at the heart of the Zionist project. We also address the Christchurch massacre and how the Shapiros of the world are going to deal with a certain presidential candidate from Vermont.

    Please listen until the end as we remember Raghav Mehta, a comrade and compatriot who tragically passed away last week.

    Transition Music: Shalom Hanoch - Moshiach Lo Ba

    Outro Music: Mystic Inane - Eggs Onna Plate

  • Antifada: History is a Weapon #3 w/ Matt Christman

    Once more into the breach! @cushbomb is here to make history all the more weapony. In this episode, we discuss the 'controversial' French 'novel' that is 'just asking questions' about the Migrant Invasion, the Great Replacement, and Yt Genocide.

    How did a 1970s book by some grenouille asshole named Jean Raspail become a prophetic lodestar for an ascendant white nationalist movement? How does a historical materialist analysis help us understand why dickheads like Steve Bannon and Marine Le Pen are lauding this novel 50 years later? Ultimately, we ask wtf is up with French politics/development that they could vomit up filth so enduring as to still be 'relevant' in 2019?

    We read it so you don't have to...

    Note: this was going to be released as a premium episode for patrons, but in light of the white nationalist terror attack in NZ on 3/15/19 we decided to release it early. Hopefully this ep might help provide context for this horrific massacre and the ones that will surely come unless we collectively confront the wellspring of this reactionary ideology.

  • Ep 42 - Antifada's Baja Blast w/ The Crew

    Jamie had a birthday weekend. Andy came back from Mexico. After the gang caught up a little, we listened to some interviews Andy got from migrants and their supporters in Tijuana, MX.

    The stories are heartbreaking and the situation is dire, but we give some practical advice on how to show solidarity with working class brothers and sisters in desperate need of political and material support.

    Enclave Caracol -

    Al Otro Lado -

    Support the Comedor!

    More info on solidarity with the caravan:

    Interlude - Distorted Head Outro - Death Grips "Guillotine"

  • Episode 41: There Is Power In A Union w/ Hamilton Nolan

    Folks, it finally happened: we royally fucked up the sound. Which is a shame, because we had a great conversation with Splinter News' Hamilton Nolan (@hamiltonnolan) about union organizing in the media and beyond. Is millennial entitlement good for labor? Why do workers need their own institutions? Can we change organized labor from within, or do we need a new paradigm? All this, plus Jamie's failed union organizing drive, Hamilton's successful one, and Jamie and Hamilton squash an ancient beef!

    Sorry again about the sound. Thankfully, Andy is coming back from Mexico to act as a check on our dumbness.

    Check out Hamilton's writing at Splinter:

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  • Antifada ft. Will Menaker: Fully Automated Luxury Gay Space Communism w/ Kim Stanley Robinson

    Are you a nerd like us? Do you read stories about robots and space, while also pondering a socialist future? Well, do we have an interview for you...

    Fellow science fiction fanatic Will Menaker joins Sean and Jamie for an extended discussion with one of our favorite utopian futurists, Kim Stanley Robinson. Come for the revolutionary potentialities of the post-capitalist imaginary and stay for the psychedelic polyamory!

    Outro - Hawkwind: Space is Deep

    @willmenaker (still buy the book:

    KSR's official website:

    Suggested reading: EVERYTHING but especially the Mars Trilogy

    KSR in Commune Mag:

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  • High Theory: Communization and its Discontents w/ Swampside Chats and Breht O'Shea

    Time to take a big ole bong rip! In a radical departure from our usual weekly content, Sean KB joined up with a bunch of commie pals to talk about C O M M U N I Z A T I O N.

    We use Ben Noys' critical compilation "Communization and Its Discontents" to dip our toes into the deep waters of current ultra-left thought on the crises of capitalism and its overcoming:

    Has the development of bourgeois society utterly changed the terrain of struggle? Must the proletariat struggle not just against exploitation, but against its very existence as a class? Is there a need for a transitional stage between capitalism and communism, or is the creation of a classless society possible in the present moment?

    Tl;dr - mixed reviews. If the content is too heavy or the jargon too jargon-y, feel free to ask for clarification by email, tweet or chat. Sean will be available on Saturday 5-8pm EST on the Antifada Discord to discuss.

    Special thanks to Swampside Chats and Breht from RevLeft Radio/Red Menace for the great discussion!

    Swamp fam: @swampsidechats

    RevLeft fam: @revleftradio

  • PREVIEW: The Pam Anderson Node w/ Corey Pein

    @CoreyPein sticks around to discuss The Californian Ideology, Baywatch & Julian Assange.

    Then we do a textual analysis of a LA Times puff piece about Instagram-ready, curated co-living complete with app-based solutions to modern living in (ugh...) The Node. Forget the chore-wheel, this is hellworld baby!

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