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Antifada: History is a Weapon #3 w/ Matt Christman

Once more into the breach! @cushbomb is here to make history all the more weapony. In this episode, we discuss the 'controversial' French 'novel' that is 'just asking questions' about the Migrant Invasion, the Great Replacement, and Yt Genocide.

How did a 1970s book by some grenouille asshole named Jean Raspail become a prophetic lodestar for an ascendant white nationalist movement? How does a historical materialist analysis help us understand why dickheads like Steve Bannon and Marine Le Pen are lauding this novel 50 years later? Ultimately, we ask wtf is up with French politics/development that they could vomit up filth so enduring as to still be 'relevant' in 2019?

We read it so you don't have to...

Note: this was going to be released as a premium episode for patrons, but in light of the white nationalist terror attack in NZ on 3/15/19 we decided to release it early. Hopefully this ep might help provide context for this horrific massacre and the ones that will surely come unless we collectively confront the wellspring of this reactionary ideology.