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  • Ep 115 - Bi Donnie and the Supreme Infants

    First Sean and Jamie do a roundup of the news: Donnie is back and he appears to not be dead but bisexual; Dems get the Supreme Court they deserve and Sen Mike Lee outs himself as a Bordigist?

    Next Sean does a non-leftcom's guide to left communism: what is this thing? What's its relation to non-left communism? Wait how can communism be not left in the first place?? With help from some history and some help from leftcom friend of the show Noah Lennox he tries to explain.

    Outro: Le otto ore - Canto di lotta

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  • Swamp Trek: Past Tense (Part II)

    Part two of collaborative commentary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine's Past Tense w/ Swampside Chats! As the Bell Riots kick off, can the DS9 crew protect the revolutionary demands of the sanctuary districts' homeless district from the nihilism of its most lumpen elements? And will @Jack censor news of the police raid from the people?

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  • Swamp Trek: Past Tense (Part I)

    Our collaborative commentary of S3ep11 of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine w/ Swampside Chats! In this two part episode, the crew goes back in time to a San Francisco homeless camp at the time of the a riot against neo-liberalism that spiraled into international revolution. Written in the '90s, the episode presciently predicts the economic crises of the current day, Trump's plan of rounding California's homeless population into camps, and the coming lumpen revolution.

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  • Antifada's History is a Weapon 9.2: Q is You w/ Matt Christman PREVIEW

    Part two of HIAW 9 continues with Sean and Matt discussion Q in light of the tradition of religion (and religious weirdness) in the USA, alongside the increasing estrangement of the American people from each other and from the American Dream.

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  • Antifada's History is a Weapon 9: Q is You w/ Matt Christman

    In the latest two part HIAW, Matt and Sean examine the political economy and pre-history of everyone's favorite far-right conspiracy movement. How has alienation and economic crisis combined to create a heady, and perhaps dangerous, mix of religious fervor and crackpot ideology? How does Qanon overlap with conspiracy theories of the past? How is it represent something new and different? The boys do their best to get their heads around it!

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    Stereolab - Refractions in the Blue Pulse

    Vaporwave - We Didn't Start the Fire

  • PREVIEW - Vampire Castle - Vampire's Kiss and Bloodsucking Bastards

    On this edition of Vampire Castle, Leslie and Jamie discuss two vampire flicks set in the workplace: Late '80s bizarro dark comedy Vampire's Kiss and office comedy turned splatfest Bloodsucking Bastards.

    Tune: Lush - Mannequin

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  • Ep 114 - Posadist Trap House w/ Aaron Thorpe

    Aaron Thorpe (@posadist_trapgd), former host of Vanguard Army and host of the upcoming podcast A Time Of Monsters, joins the Antifada crew to discuss topics including: The death of RBG and how much the left should care. Killer Mike, Atlanta as "Wakanda," and the black misleadership class. White people pretending to be black for clout. And why haven't the space comrades brought us communism yet?

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    Closing song: Outkast - SpottieOttieDopaliscious

  • PREVIEW - Killer Cops and Killer Investments

    Sean and Jamie stick around to talk about Louisville finally forced to admit civil culpability in Breonna Taylor's murder and humongous private equity firm Blackrock making a bet on the bottom of the rental market with its recent mobile-home park investment.

    Outro: Spits - Police

  • Ep 113 - When Prairie Socialists Go MAGA & ICE's Eugenics Program

    Jamie and Sean discuss what they've been reading and break down some news of the day: QAnon in Congress, the political transformation of a town in PA, and ICE's eugenics program. Just another fun, chill episode about rising fascism.

    Sorry this went up late, we aren't feeling very well. :(

    Bonus on killer cops (and killer investments) out Friday, 9/18

    Outro music: Big Black - Jordan, Minnesota

    Rest in power, David Graeber (1961-2020)

  • BONUS: Punk may actually be dead this time w/ Brace Belden (PREVIEW)

    Brace sticks around to talk about our punk origin stories, the pros and cons of a tribal subculture like punk, the death of Maximum Rock N' Roll, if punk has a future, and late-era Black Flag

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