Ring of Fire is a podcast hosted by Farron Cousins that began as a radio show in 2004 by Mike Papantonio. The show focuses on exposing corporate fat cats, polluters and media spinmeisters.

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  • Episode 714: Big Q&A Episode!

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    We're doing another Q&A featuring questions from our YouTube Community members!

    What are the odds that Donald Trump actually goes to prison?

    How can Republicans claim that President Biden is both mentally incompetent AND a criminal mastermind?

    Are there any Republican presidential candidates that are less horrible than the others?

    Could Alina Habba become the Attorney General if Trump wins in 2024?

    All of those questions, and many more, will be answered on this week's Ring of Fire!

  • Episode 713: McCarthy Out; Trump's Fraud Case Begins

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    Chaos in the House! Matt Gaetz successfully managed to get Kevin McCarthy kicked out as Speaker of the House, and now Republicans appear to be in complete disarray.

    To make things worse for the GOP, Donald Trump's fraud trial in New York began this week, and it hasn't gone his way at all.

    All of these issues, and many more, will be discussed with our guest Cliff Schecter, host of the Blue Amp Channel on YouTube, on this week's Ring of Fire!

  • Episode 712: Overinflated Trump Gets Caught; Biden Losing to Trump in New Poll?

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    The judge overseeing the fraud trial in New York ruled this week that Donald Trump, his two adult sons, and the Trump Organization were guilty of fraud after years of lying to banks and insurance companies about how much money they actually had. We'll bring you the details.

    A new poll has some troubling data for President Biden, as it shows that he is LOSING to Donald Trump by 10 points. Can this poll be trusted, or is this an egregious error by the media?

    Hunter Biden is suing Rudy Giuliani for illegally accessing and distributing the data from the infamous laptop, and this lawsuit could help us figure out how all of these Republicans got their hands on the information - something the media has completely ignored.

    And we're just days away from a government shutdown, and it seems like Republicans are actually wanting this to happen.

    All that, and much more, on this week's Ring of Fire!

  • Episode 711: Senate Dress Code Causes Stir; Boebert's Hypocrasy Caught on Tape; Impeaching Biden?

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    Republicans are having an absolute meltdown over the new, more relaxed dress code in the Senate, and Democratic Senator John Fetterman is having the time of his life trolling these prudes on social media.

    Lauren Boebert is still dealing with the fallout after she was caught "reaching across the aisle" at a recent theater performance. Could this act be the final nail in her political coffin?

    Republicans are pushing for cuts to Social Security, Medicaid, and SNAP benefits as they push the federal government towards a shutdown.

    The first impeachment inquiry hearing is set to take place next week, just as new evidence emerges showing that Republicans have absolutely no reason to be going down this path.

    And Donald Trump's legal problems in the documents case might have become too much for him to overcome thanks to new witness testimony.

  • Episode 710: President Biden Impeachment Inquiry; MTG Suggests Succession

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    Impeachment fever has infected the Republicans in the House of Representatives, and Speaker Kevin McCarthy officially announced the opening of an impeachment inquiry into President Biden this week. But who is really pulling the strings here? We'll answer that question for you.

    Marjorie Taylor Greene is once again suggesting that states should secede from the Union, and she could find herself facing a 14th Amendment challenge for her rhetoric.

    Donald Trump's economic plans for a second term will decimate the working class while he gives himself and the rest of the wealthy elite another major tax break - we'll bring the details.

    And Trump's legal problems don't seem to be getting any better as he and his lawyers keep angering the judges and prosecutors.

    All that - and much, much more - coming up on this week's Ring of Fire!