Ring of Fire is a podcast hosted by Farron Cousins that began as a radio show in 2004 by Mike Papantonio. The show focuses on exposing corporate fat cats, polluters and media spinmeisters.

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  • Episode 696: Debt Ceiling Fight, Chances of Trump Locked Up, Future for Dems

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    We're doing another Q&A featuring questions from our YouTube Community members.

    Will the Democrats prevail on the debt ceiling or cave to Republicans?

    Is Trump going to spend time behind bars?

    Will Ron DeSantis eradicate Florida's economy or will voters revolt before it happens?

    Who will lead the Democratic Party into the future?

    All of those questions - and one annoying Republican troll - coming up on this week's Ring of Fire Podcast!

  • Episode 695: Weird Giuliani Details in Former Staffer's Lawsuit; How PFAS Chemicals Made Their Way Into Our Bodies

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    Rudy Giuliani is being sued by a former staffer for $10 million in a lawsuit that makes some seriously grotesque and horrific claims about the former New York City Mayor. But even worse than that, the lawsuit appears to implicate Giuliani (and Trump) in various criminal activities.

    The Durham Report came out this week, and Republicans clearly didn't actually read it. While those on the Right are heralding the release, those who actually read it are pointing out that it doesn't even come close to alleging any criminal conduct by the FBI.

    Attorney Wes Bowden will join us for a discussion about the dangers of PFAS chemicals that are now found in 98% of humans across the planet, and he'll tell us about the ongoing litigation to hold the manufacturers accountable.

    We'll also be talking about Mike Lindell's money troubles, Kari Lake's new trial to overturn the 2022 Arizona election results, and the Florida teacher that is being investigated for showing a Disney movie to her fifth grade class.

    All that, and more, on this week's Ring of Fire!

  • Episode 694: Whole Lot of Problems for Republicans!

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    It has been a week filled with Republican corruption - From the indictments against George Santos to the jury verdict against Donald Trump and all the way up to the Supreme Court. So this week, we'll be running through all of the insane corruption that appears to have taken hold in every single part of today's Republican Party.

    And in this week's member's show:

    - Trump gets trashed by the conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board

    - Tucker Carlson is bringing his white power hour to Twitter

    - Trump's legal problems in Georgia continue to get worse

    - And Fox News is hit with ANOTHER lawsuit over their election lies.

    That's all coming up on this week's Ring of Fire!

  • Episode 693: Media Has Abandoned Flint Residents

    This week on a Special Ring of Fire!

    The Flint, Michigan water crisis has been going on for 9 years, and residents are still reporting problems with the water system. People in the city are dying, new diseases are showing up in young residents, and not a single person has been held accountable for any part of the crisis.

    Journalist Jordan Chariton of Status Coup news recently returned from a trip to Flint where he spoke with residents and officials about the ongoing problems and the lack of action, and Jordan joins this week's episodes to talk about everything that has happened since the crisis began 9 years ago.

    That's coming up on this week's Ring of Fire Podcast!

  • Episode 692: Tucker Carlson's Exit from Fox News, DeSantis Downward Spiral; SCOTUS Compromised?

    This week on Ring of Fire!

    Tucker Carlson is OUT at Fox News, and new reports tell us that it is a combination of factors that led to his ousting - especially his disgusting text messages.

    Florida governor Ron DeSantis is being sued by Disney and his billionaire donors are abandoning him left and right. Could this be the end of DeSantis' future political ambitions?

    President Biden announced his official re-election bid this week, and no one is angrier about this than Marjorie Taylor Greene.

    And Supreme Court corruption is even worse than we thought - we'll explain the latest developments that happened this week.

    All that, and much more, on this week's Ring of Fire!