Ring of Fire is a podcast hosted by Farron Cousins that began as a radio show in 2004 by Mike Papantonio. The show focuses on exposing corporate fat cats, polluters and media spinmeisters.

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Episode 689: Trump's Legal Charges Explained

This week on Ring of Fire!

Donald Trump has officially been indicted on 34 counts related to falsifying business documents as part of a "conspiracy" to impact the outcome of the 2016 election. We'll talk about the counts that he is facing and what it means for the future of the presidential race.

Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson announced his run for the Republican nomination for President on Sunday, but he may have misjudged how "wounded" Trump is by the indictment.

60 Minutes performed the worst interview imaginable with Marjorie Taylor Greene this past weekend and Leslie Stahl allowed Greene to slander the entire Democratic Party - we'll explain what happened and why the media is responsible for creating so many conservative monsters.

All that, and much more, on this week's Ring of Fire!