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Ep 124 - On the Xmas Question w/ Dave Silverberg

Santa visits us to deck the halls with boughs of... holly. We talk about the left "negationists" and their defenders like Noam Chomsky, the Faurrison affair and connection with current culture wars about free speech, and the Bordigist critique at their heart of their milieu. Scholar of religious discrimination Dave Silverberg then presents his thesis that Marx's On the Jewish Question is misread as an antisemitic text. Finally, we draw some conclusions about labor party expulsions and other contemporary controversies surrounding antisemitism. Merry Christmas!

Original Bordigist essay:

Introduction to French Ultra-Left and Faurisson:

Thread on Bordiga, Dauve, Guillaume and Auschwitz:

Anti-semitism and National Socialism - Moishe Postone

Closing song: Weird Al - The Night Santa Went Crazy

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