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Episode 741: Trump Lawyers Unconventional Defense; RFK Jr's Effect on Trump and Biden

This week on Ring of Fire!

Donald Trump's lawyers have so far done a horrible job of convincing the jury that he didn't do anything wrong. In their opening statements this week, the lawyers claimed that Trump is "innocent," and then proceeded to claim that even if he did it, it still isn't a crime. His lawyers appear to be less focused on proving his innocence than they are on convincing the jury that the crimes aren't actually illegal. That's never a winning strategy in court.

Presidential polling is still all over the place, with some polls showing President Biden easily beating Trump, while others are still showing a tight race with Trump one or two points ahead. But these numbers change dramatically when all other candidates are included, and more and more these polls are showing that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is peeling more support away from Trump than he is from Biden. In fact, when Kennedy is included, Trump now loses, even in polls where he was ahead in a two-way matchup.

One of the major concerns and most common questions about putting Donald Trump in jail if he is convicted is how to handle his Secret Service protection. Trump is guaranteed that protection for the rest of his life, and it would be difficult to force protection agents to sit in jail all day with him. Luckily, Democratic Congressman Bennie Thompson has a way to fix that problem, and he's now put forth legislation that would strip Secret Service protection from anyone with a felony conviction.

Steve Bannon is pushing Donald Trump to skip out on his daily court appearances just to "see where the chips fall." The judge has already made it clear to Trump that he WILL put him in jail if he doesn't show up for court, and Bannon is well aware of this. Bannon seems to believe that Trump being thrown in jail for a period of time will somehow help the former President in his campaign, but really it would have the opposite effect.

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