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Spine Check 5 - Marx before Marxism: Value, Price and Profit

Andy and Sean are joined by Edwad @readcapital and Cordelia @cozyunoist, the confirmed superstars of #heinrichtwitter and co-hosts of the Reel Abstractions podcast to discuss Karl (Heinrich) Marx's 1865 address to the 1st International called 'Value, Price and Profit.'

As anti-Marxist communists steeped in Marxology, they help us confront this seemingly simple text for what it is - a fraction of Marx's total critique from a snapshot of time, and a Marx at his most Ricardian - which opens a conversation on: the difference between political economy and critical theory, the usefulness of Marx for communist theory, and the ambiguities that exist even in the mature theory we've inherited today.

This is a challenging episode (we stand in awe at the Reel Abstractions crew's grasp of the material) but well worth a listen.

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