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Ep 169 - Living in Denial w/ Pavlos Roufos

The gang is back with returning guest, Pavlos Roufos, for a spicy discussion about ever-contentious pandemic politics and how the left should relate to it:

Why has SARS-COVID 19 and the state response to it caused such an uproar in parts of Europe and the United States? What contradictory functions does the capitalist state perform in class society, and how has this led to disaster? What is the attraction of denialism among the populist right and, increasingly, parts of the left? Is there a rational kernel inside the mystical shell of COVID conspiracism? How have the unvaccinated been made a scapegoat for the failures of the bourgeois state? And is there anything recuperable within the waves of protest and direct action against mandates and vaccines?

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Outro: Juice WRLD - Denial