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Armed Love 3: Black Mask w/ Ben Morea (part 1)

Ben Morea is a founding member of Black Mask and Up Against the Wall Motherfucker, two 1960s revolutionary formations known as the most direct action-oriented wing of the youth revolutionary movement in Manhattan's Lower East Side. Comrades of the Black Panthers, Diggers, Yippies, and SDS, their black bloc tactics and uncompromising solidarity with black and indigenous struggles remains a blueprint of anarchist activity today.

Armed Love is a series about the revolutionary subculture of the sixties. Episode one was an interview with Peter Coyote, and episode 2 was a discussion of Charles Manson and the Lyman Family.

Joining me for the interview was Matt Peterson of

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Correction on #ReadtheGreenBook tour-- the Minneapolis date is May 24, not 23

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