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Proletkult 2: Bezos v. Musk, Jamie v. Skinwalkers, and Delonge v. Icke w/ Anna Merlan

In episode 2 of PROLETKULT Andy, Jamie, and Sean continue to talk with Anna Merlan about her new book: REPUBLIC OF LIES, specifically the chapter about UFO Politics. Jamie and Sean reveal their believer power levels, Andy and Anna propose a theory for the Navy UFO flap, and we talk about the culture of the Mutual UFO Network, strange southwest desert stories, and the Son of the Godhead himself, David Icke.

Show notes: Bezos vs. Musk feud:

Bezos's O'Neill Colonies:

Musk's Starlink and Starship:

Last Podcast on the Left's series on the Skinwalker Ranch: Republic of Lies:

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