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Episode 737: Trump and Our Two-Tiered Justice System

This week on Ring of Fire!

As expected, Donald Trump manages to escape justice, yet again. The appeals court decided at the last minute on Monday to not only reduce his bond from $464 million to $175 million, but they also gave him an extra 10 days to pay it. There was no reason at all for the extension or the reduction, but this is the kind of thing that always happens with Donald Trump.

While speaking to reporters on Monday, Donald Trump suggested that being a convicted felon might actually help him in this year's election. He was referring to the New York hush money case that is heading to trial on April 15th, where he will face an already-angry judge and a jury that likely won't be fond of him. But he's delusional if he thinks a conviction will help him, as every single poll that's asked the question shows that a conviction would cause him to lose.

President Biden has spent the past few weeks (and days) going hard against Donald Trump, and it is being reflected in the latest rounds of polling. Biden has now surged in 5 swing states while Trump has fallen in nearly all of them over the past month. If the election were held today and followed the polls, Biden would easily cruise to an electoral victory. But he has to maintain this aggressive campaign to be successful.

Republican Representative Anna Paulina Luna went on Fox News this week to talk about the mass exodus of Republican lawmakers from the House, and she accused her Party of a plot to "cripple" themselves. She was referring to the fact that Republicans will now only have a one vote majority, and her anger was directed at those who have resigned this year. But she needs to actually be angry at the extremists in her Party that are pushing everyone out.

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