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Ep 130 Line Goes Mad w/ Jason Smith

Political economist Jason Smith, (@profitratedown) author of 'Smart Machines and Service Work: Automation in and Age of Stagnation', joins Sean to give us all an update on how that dang line is doing.

What is the source of all of America's various morbid symptoms the last 12 to 40 years? How can it be that a handful of tech companies (the FAANGS) can seem to be so profitable when the 'real economy' is so depressed? What does all this mean for a return to social democratic, non-revolutionary politics in the capitalist core? And if you've ever wondered just why all the jobs, including perhaps your own, as so shitty these days, we ask: what is service work, really, and how does it fit into the schema of capitalist production. Finally, what is the future of work?

Bonus episode on the end of Trump and the GameStop debacle out on Friday!

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