Ring of Fire is a podcast hosted by Farron Cousins that began as a radio show in 2004 by Mike Papantonio. The show focuses on exposing corporate fat cats, polluters and media spinmeisters.

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Episode 642: What Else Will Fall Under SCOTUS?

This week on Ring of Fire!

Elon Musk says that, if his purchase of Twitter actually happens, he'll be welcoming Donald Trump back on the platform because his permaban was "stupid." This is probably the worst thing that could happen for conservatives, and Farron Cousins explains why.

Republicans have made it clear that overturning Roe v Wade is only the beginning, and they are actively coming to take away more of your rights at the state level. Salon.com's Heather "Digby" Parton will tell us what's happening.

And on the member show, the corporate media has helped Republicans push all sorts of lies about reproductive choice over the years, and they need to be held accountable for giving anti-choice Republicans a platform to spread their hate and lies. Media Matters' Sharon Kann will join us for that discussion. Get the full show at www.rofpodcast.com