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Episode 730: No Immunity for Trump; Who will be VP for GOP?; Document Case Update

This week on Ring of Fire!

The DC Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in a unanimous decision on Tuesday that Donald Trump does NOT have immunity from prosecution, and therefore the election subversion case against him can, and will, go to trial. But that doesn't mean that the immunity fight is over. Trump still has the option to appeal the ruling to the Supreme Court, which has already been put into motion. But the Appeals Court's ruling might be written in a way that already bypasses the Supreme Court.

During an interview with Fox News this week, Kellyanne Conway was asked about Donald Trump's potential vice presidential picks, and she may have let it slip who Trump is leaning towards. After rattling off a few names, Conway then focused in on Republican Senator Tim Scott, praising him for dropping out and actively campaigning for Trump before adding that he "checks all of the boxes." That's not really the case, but if Trump thinks so then he's likely made his pick already.

Jack Smith spent 15 pages of a new court filing debunking the lies that Donald Trump has been telling about the charges against him in the documents case. Trump has claimed repeatedly - including in court filings - that he was allowed to take the documents and that he had been given special security clearances to do so. Smith argued that this actually never happened, and claimed that Trump's statements to the contrary were provably false.

Jim Jordan's House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed Fulton County DA Fani Willis (again). This time, Jordan is seeking information about how Fulton County used a federal grant from the Department of Justice, as well as answers about an alleged whistleblower who claims that they were demoted after pointing out the misuse of federal funds by a district employee. Additionally, Willis came out over the weekend and admitted to having a romantic relationship with her fellow prosecutor.

All that, and much more, on this week's Ring of Fire Podcast!