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Episode 740: How a Felony Conviction Could Open Up More Problems for Trump; Huckabee Embezzlement Claim

This week on Ring of Fire!

Now that Donald Trump's first criminal trial has officially begun, questions are swirling all over the media about what could happen if he gets a felony conviction. The odds of Trump losing this trial are great, but there is still a possibility the charges could be reduced in a way that avoids felony convictions. But if that doesn't happen, it opens up a whole new world of legal problems for the United States.

Even before jury selection began on Monday, Donald Trump had already racked up a string of losses at the hands of Judge Juan Merchan. First, the judge denied Trump's motion requesting that the judge recuse himself from the case. That was soon followed by the judge refusing to grant Trump's latest attempt to delay the trial. Trump told the judge that it was unfair for him to be in trial while he's trying to campaign, and the judge reminded him that he still has plenty of time to campaign on their off days.

A state auditor has finally released the long-awaited report on Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders' purchase of a $19,000 lectern, and things are looking bad for the first term governor. The auditor has referred the matter over to prosecutors to conduct a criminal investigation, as the auditor believes that there are too many discrepancies with the purchase. Specifically, it is believed that the money wasn't actually for the podium, but was instead used as a cover to spend the money elsewhere, which is a form of embezzlement.

And Republican Congressman Byron Donalds of Florida is at his wit's end, and he knows that the fate of the Republican Party hinges on the outcome of Donald Trump's hush money trial. So during an appearance on Newsmax this week, the Florida congressman begged the people of New York - which means the potential jurors in the trial - to find Trump not guilty so the Party can move on. This could actually be seen as a form of jury tampering.

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