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Ep 76 - Let Them Sit Cake w/ Rachel Rabbit White, Nina Luo & Oyster

Sex workers of the world, unite! Jamie and Andy are joined by poet/journo Rachel Rabbit White (@rabbitwhite), organizer Nina Luo (@theninaluo) and whore-of-all trades Oyster (@oyster_nyt) to talk organizing in the world of sex work and why any socialist worth their clever display name should care. What's Decrim NY and what are they after? How has sex trafficking discourse been used to enforce borders and police the marginalized? What can the average person do to facilitate the self-liberation of the twerking ass? And what's the deal with whippets? After dropping several metric tons of knowledge, the guests humor us as we play our favorite game "After the Rev" and imagine how the vocation formerly known as sex work might fit into our glorious fully automated gay luxury space communist future.

Check out Rachel's poetry book, "Porn Carnival":

And her recent article in Commune Mag, "Strippers On Strike":

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Outro music: Carmen - Lana Del Rey