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Ep 55 - Power to the PLUR-letariat w/ Sophie Weiner

Sophie Weiner, night-editor of Splinter News and displaced poster, was back in NYC for a bit. We got her in studio to talk about politics in Australia and other oddities... for example, something good happened in Albany for once! We were also gifted with another lovely morsel of #content from media power couple Bari & Bill Weiss-Maher.

Mostly we had a fun discussion about electronic dance music (kids these days call it 'the raving') and how socialists can organize within the scene while inspiring our politics with the libratory potentials of it. All of this, of course, is anticipation of this week's publication of Sophie and Zoe Beery's new anti-capitalist dance music zine... PLURletariat. Enjoy!

Check out Plurletariat:

Follow Sophie & Zoe's zine @plurletariat

If you live in the NYC-area you can attend the launch party:

Note: All proceeds will go to No More Dysphoria whose goal is to help transgender, non binary, and gender non conforming individuals pay for different parts of their transitions:

Support Chelsea Manning as she resists state repression:

Music: Doom Mekanik - Muscle by Muscle Julien Andrea - Sacrifice of Love