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Ep 93: How Trotsky got Sp!ked w/ Trash Future

Trashifada continues with a deep dive on the origin of the Koch-funded British anti-PC-hysteria-hysteria blog Sp!ked. We go through their origins in seventies Trotskyism to the bizarre posh ultraleftism in the eighties until they emerged as the magazine Living Marxism, famous for satirizing the nanny state and denying the genocide of Bosnian Muslims. From there they formed the Institute of Ideas, a collection of tiny front groups that have helped them along to mainstream media prominence. But to what ends? We offer a range of theories.

Listen this Friday for a Bonus Real Sp!ked hours to hear some hot takes on goths, Karen-bashing, and Jimmy Saville.

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Jenny Turner's fantastic essay on Institute of Ideas:

Account of RCP's political shift in the eighties:

Brendan on Dave Rubin calling himself a Marxist Libertarian:

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