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Ep 142 - The Healthcare Monster w/ Gabriel Winant

Sean and Jamie are joined by Gabe Winant (@gabrielwinant), historian and author of "The Next Shift: The Fall of Industry and the Rise of Health Care in Rust Belt America," to discuss the composition of the US working class yesterday and today.

Gabe's excellent historical work has given us a picture of the remarkable changes seen in Pittsburgh, once an emblematic blue collar town and one now dominated by hospitals and pink collar work. But, as we see in the interview, Pittsburgh is merely a microcosm of an epochal shift from one regime of accumulation to another; from the post-war "Golden Age," to the (decaying) neoliberal order of today. Together we pick apart the contradictions within both as we look at real examples of class struggle (alongside the grand dialectic of capital) and wonder what the future might look like for the American working class as a whole.

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