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Ep 118 - Angery Worker Reacts Only w/ Angry Workers

We interview two authors of the new book "Class Power on Zero Hours" describing the Angry Workers' collective efforts of organizing, agitating, and working in the industrial fringes of west London.

“We are publishing this book at a time when many on the left are licking their wounds, despondent at their missed opportunity to implement a socialist program through the Labour Party," they write in the intro, calling instead for more focus on daily worker activity for autonomy, and theorizing how solidarity between essential workers can point the way to revolution.

Part two of the episode, released Friday on Patreon, will discuss that program as well as anti-lockdown riots and BLM.

Read the full introduction:

Buy Class Power on Zero Hours from PM Press:

Angry Workers’ essay on insurrection:

Correspondence with Insurgent Notes:

Closing song: Sleaford Mods - Jobseeker

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