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32 - 'The Sot-Weed Factor: Or, A Voyage To Maryland' by Ebenezer Cook (1708)

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Alex and I discuss Ebenezer Cook's 1708 poem "The Sot-Weed Factor." The scant documentation we have for Cook's life. Cooks use of hudibrastic tetrameter and couplets. Who were the Chesapeake tobacco proletariat? The cheap linen clothing of American workers. Nationalism and Benedict Anderson's "Imagined Communities." The Cain myth and racial othering. Queen Elizabeth I's racism and how England created a labor force for the colonies. America as a giant labor camp. Humanity's timeless love for dick jokes. The Annapolis legal swamp. "Going native." The imperial motivation for determining how Indians came to America. Card-playing witches. Hangover remedies. Getting scammed by a Quaker.

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Full poem here:

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The censored line was ommitted in the collection "Shea's Early Southern Tracts, Vol 2" used by Project Gutenberg.

On which he sat, and straight begun

To load with Weed his Indian Gun;

In length, scarce longer than one's Finger,

Or that for which the Ladies linger:

His Pipe smoak'd out with aweful Grace,

With aspect grave and solemn pace;