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Talkin' Tina 2 - Peru Talkin' to me?

In episode 2 of @spaceprole's side project on contemporary and historical political issues in Latin America. This month we have Camilo Gómez, a Peruvian writer with bylines at Counterpunch and the Center for a Stateless Society, and the host of the History and Politics podcast.

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We discuss how the lavajato spilled into Peru, making anti-corruption a focus of the upcoming legislative elections. Gomez goes into details on the 3-4 currents of the divided Peruvian left, before going into a history of the armed struggle movement that culminated in the Shining Path. We talk about a couple other idiosyncratic Peruvian tendencies, like the Trotskyist ecosocialism of ex-Posadist Hugo Blanco and the UFO leftism of Alfa y Omega.

Finally we talk about "market socialism" in the Peruvian context and have a little debate over whether markets are ever something worth defending.

You can find Camilo's writing and podcasts here: