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Ep 154: Anti-Anti Populism w Anton Jaeger

Sean, Jamie and Andy are joined by Anton Jaeger (@antonjagermm), Marxist researcher of populism, to discuss the history, present and future of populism whether in the left or right mold.

Several years ago it seemed as though left populism - exemplified by practitioners such as Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders - had a decent shot at upending the Washington Consensus on austerity, markets and foreign policy. With the failure and retreat of these candidates and others, what is left of this project? Why does right populism seem everywhere ascendant? What do these movements say about the economy and the political order? How can we understand the populist mode of politics in relation to the fight to abolish capital?

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Works by Anton:

Intro: Cincinnati's University Singers -The Hand the Holds the Bread

Outro: Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson - Populism Yea Yea