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Ep 135 - Don't Kronstadt me w/ Bini Adamczak

Author Bini Adamczak discusses her newly translated book Yesterday's Tomorrow, a haunting meditation on the history of counterrevolution through the suppression of the Kronstadt rebellion, the cult of Lenin, the Stalinist purges, and the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact. The book begs to ask how our revolutionary thinking is hindered by these tragedies, suggesting that things could have and may proceed differently in the future.

She also discusses her group Zero Covid, which criticizes the far-right and neoliberal approaches the pandemic. Follow them on twitter at

Check out Bini's books:

Communism for Kids

Yesterday's Tomorrow

On the Communism for Kids controversy:

And some of her writing:

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Song: Matrosen von Kronstadt!

(a GDR rendition of the Soviet song "Forward, Red Marines!" about the events of the naval theater of the Russian Civil War, rewritten by Helmut Schinkel, to glorify the Bolshevik suppression of the Kronstadt Rebellion)