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Episode 722: Trump Unhinged!; VP Rumors; Giuliani Trial Off to Bad Start

This week on Ring of Fire!

Donald Trump apparently woke up more unhinged than usual on Saturday morning, and he immediately got on Truth Social to let the world know that he is not doing well at all. But it was a post that he didn't write that made everyone scratch their heads. Trump re-posted a message from a conservative lawyer that suggested that President Obama should be indicted for murder (because a court recently ruled against Trump saying that presidents don't have immunity for life.) We can probably expect this to be the new rallying cry for conservatives.

Donald Trump's niece, Mary Trump, has accused Marjorie Taylor Greene of trying to bribe Donald Trump into making her his VP choice next year. Specifically, Mary says that a recent social media post by Greene was an attempt to show Donald that she will do whatever he wants her to do if she is chosen for the vice presidential slot on the ticket, and she did so by promising to protect, and likely pardon, the convicted Capitol Rioters.

Donald Trump's mental screwups are becoming so common and noticeable that even some of his former allies can't ignore them. During a recent segment, former Fox News host Megyn Kelly admitted that Trump isn't as "sharp" as he used to be, pointing out his constant blunders and inability to keep a train of thought on track. The Biden administration is also trying to capitalize on Trump's mental hiccups, painting him as the one who is out of touch and not stable enough to serve in office.

Republicans in the House are moving their impeachment inquiry into President Biden forward this week, with a vote expected that would make the inquiry "official," allowing members to get their hands on more "evidence." The only problem is that they've been investigating Biden for 12 months and have been told repeatedly that there is no link between Biden and any criminal activity. To make things worse, Republicans are now telling the press that they expect this move to backfire on them, but they are still going forward anyway.

And Rudy Giuliani's defamation lawsuit trial got off to a horrific start for him, as the judge demanded to know why he kept smearing the two election workers even after he had been found liable in a summary judgement for defamation. His lawyer did his best to excuse these actions, but the argument fell flat. The lawyer tried to claim that Giuliani's advanced age is to blame for his comments, and the judge didn't buy that for a second.

All that, and much more, on this week's Ring of Fire!