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Episode 747: Lock Him Up? Boebert Bails; MTG Wants to Go Rogue?

This week on Ring of Fire!

During his recent interview with Fox & Friends, Donald Trump claimed that he's "ok with" the idea of him going to prison. However, he included one very important caveat that many believe could be a signal to his violent base. Trump said that while he's fine with going to jail, "the public" likely wouldn't be, and that could lead to some bad things happening. This covert call to action is exactly how the Capitol Riots came into being, with Trump's rhetoric gradually getting more and more violent until the violence actually began.

Republicans in Colorado's 4th Congressional district decided to have back-to-back primary debates on Friday and Saturday, but Lauren Boebert didn't show up for the Saturday debate. One possible reason is because she got utterly humiliated and lashed out at the moderator of Friday night's debate when the moderator brought up Boebert's Beetlejuice shenanigans, which then caused the other candidates to dogpile on her. But her absence didn't stop the attacks on Saturday.

Marjorie Taylor Greene went off crazier than usual on Tuesday morning in a post on social media. Greene demanded that the Republican caucus in the House spend the rest of their days working on ways to punish every single person that is involved in Donald Trump's legal problems, saying that Democrats have pushed us into a "full blown dictatorship." Clearly she doesn't own a dictionary, but that's beside the point. Greene is demanding that Republicans abuse their power, and that is something that routinely gets overlooked by the press.

Republicans in the Senate, and even some outside of it, are begging the rest of their Party members to shut the hell up about Donald Trump's felony convictions. They understand that this is NOT a winning issue for the Party, and they would rather focus on the economy or literally anything else heading into the election. Apparently, there are still a few people in the GOP that have a brain, and they know that the polls are looking really bad for a nominee with a felony conviction, and whining about it incessantly only reminds the public about what he did.

All that, and much more, on this week's Ring of Fire Podcast!