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Episode 743: Trump Unfazed by Contempt Warnings; Noem Living in Her Own Lies; Republicans Defund Cancer Research?

This week on Ring of Fire!

Donald Trump was once again found to be in violation of the gag order against him, forcing Judge Juan Merchan to hold him in contempt...again. The judge told Trump that he really doesn't want to have to put him in jail, but he said that he will be left with no choice if the violations continue. However, the judge said the same thing last week, so it is starting to look more and more like Trump is above the law.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem is still dealing with blowback from her new book, and it isn't just because of her dog murdering story. Since that scandal broke, numerous other lies have been identified in her book, calling into question her entire life story. She lied about meeting Kim Jong Un, she lied about denying a visit to the President of France, and she even lied about an alleged "threat" that she received from Nikki Haley.

According to reports, Donald Trump went on a profane 90-minute temper tantrum during a donor retreat on Saturday, attacking President Biden and comparing his administration to that of Nazi Germany. The former president is at his wit's end, and he's no longer able to hide his anger and contempt towards those who don't bow down before him. This could become a real problem for him on the campaign trail.

Republicans recently had the choice between siding with the President and the American public or siding with cancer. Can you guess which side they chose? Like so many other issues involving healthcare, Republicans in Congress recently sided with the disease instead of providing funding for a cure. The funding was part of the years long "Moonshot" program to provide massive amounts of federal funding to help produce a cure for cancer - an initiative started by President Biden when he was still Vice President. But Republicans couldn't give him a win in an election year, even if that means condemning millions of people to a horrible death.

All that, and more, on this week's Ring of Fire Podcast!