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Episode 742: What Are The Polls Saying? Popular Republican Governor Shoots Family Dog

This week on Ring of Fire!

Donald Trump, and most of his allies, have insisted that his legal problems are going to make him MORE popular with voters this year. But according to a new analysis, that's not even close to happening. In addition to all the polls showing that a conviction will hurt him, even without a conviction he's seeing voters turn against him as the current trial continues. This is a bad trend for Trump who has seen his poll numbers continually shrink since the start of the year.

Kari Lake spent much of the year 2023 hanging around Mar-a-Lago with Donald Trump to the point where reports last summer claimed that she had basically "moved in" to the resort. But a new report says that the relationship between Lake and Trump began to sour late last year after Trump started getting sick of her and her election lies. Trump believes that Lake is blowing her chance to win the Arizona senate seat, and essentially booted her out of Mar-a-Lago.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem was widely seen to be at the top of Donald Trump's short list of potential VP picks up until Friday. On Friday, The Guardian published an excerpt of Noem's new book where she actually boasted about killing her family's dog that she says she "hated." The story immediately went viral, and people on the Left and Right both condemned Noem for her account of what happened - which Noem said in the book proves that she can make the tough decisions.

And the only threat to Matt Gaetz's seat in Congress comes from within his own Party, as his district is firmly Republican. And that's why Gaetz went absolutely ballistic when a primary challenger emerged against him at the last minute. Right before the filing deadline, a Republican filed to challenge him in his primary, and Gaetz thinks this is a conspiracy set up against him by former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

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