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Episode 718: Did Trump Break the Law for Donating Gun? Classified Document Scandal Dissected

This week on Ring of Fire!

Donald Trump is once again embroiled in a firearm-related scandal. The former president recently auctioning off a customized firearm with "Trump" branding all over it, and the auction at Mar-a-Lago claimed that the weapon belonged to Trump. If this is true, then Trump violated federal law by engaging in a transaction involving a firearm while under federal indictment.

In a ruling late Friday afternoon, Judge Aileen Cannon said that she is not going to delay Donald Trump's classified documents trial...YET. Instead, she set a deadline for March for herself to make the decision on whether or not delay the trial until after the election, effectively taking up the entire timeline so that other trials can't schedule things to happen during that time. This was a decision that completely defies all logic, and it serves no purpose other than to cause chaos.

During a meltdown on Truth Social, Donald Trump openly admitted that his employees at Mar-a-Lago would regularly see boxes of classified documents during their time working for him. This isn't exactly a smart admission from the former president, but he isn't known for saying things that are smart. The interesting part of this is that Trump has never tried to deny any of the charges against him (other than at the fraud trial), but he's instead claimed that he was allowed to do all the things that he did.

Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley isn't going to let the fact that Donald Trump has basically secured the Republican nomination stop her, and her campaign announced that they would be spending a whopping $10 million to ensure that Haley comes in second place in Iowa and New Hampshire. The money is essentially going to be used to end Ron DeSantis' presidential ambitions for good, and it could also show Trump that Haley might be a viable running mate.

All of that, and much more, coming up on this week's Ring of Fire!