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Episode 732: Trump Makes Excuses for Gaffes; Nepotism is a Trump Family Affair; Giuliani's Bankruptcy Recap

This week on Ring of Fire!

During a rally last week, Donald Trump attacked the media for reporting on all of his mental gaffes, and then he told the cult-like audience that he's actually doing all of those things (making constant mistakes) on purpose. This man is incapable of telling the truth, and his followers are incapable of believing the truth, so this really is a match made in heaven for Trump. But for those of us in reality, this claim is just another lie that Trump tells to make himself feel better.

Conservative commentator Charlie Sykes quipped last week that Donald Trump may end up picking one of his sons to be his running mate due to his penchant for nepotism. While the comment was meant to be humorous, it also presents a very real possibility for Trump. If he wants to create a political dynasty with staying power, he'll have to get his idiot sons into the game - and he knows that they can't succeed on their own.

Donald Trump has been successful in getting Judge Aileen Cannon to delay his documents trial, and he's hoping that she will continue to delay it indefinitely so that he doesn't have to face the music before the election. But this could come back to bite him, as it could clear the calendar in a way that allows Judge Tanya Chutkan to move his January 6th trial up, causing that conclusion to be reached before the election. Cannon's continued interference is now on track to hurt the man she's trying to protect.

The judge overseeing Rudy Giuliani's bankruptcy proceeding has ordered the former New York City mayor to reveal every one of his donors that is paying his legal fees. Giuliani will also have to reveal how the money is being disbursed and what it is being used for in an itemized list. This is not good news for Rudy, as it could shame his donors to the point where they no longer wish to fund his legal problems, leaving him with no lawyers for the cases that he still faces.

Republicans in the House successfully impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas last week, but that was the easy part. They now have to hold a trial in the Senate in order to convict and remove him from office, and that's not going to happen. In fact, there's a good chance that the articles of impeachment are dismissed straight away without a trial being held. Ted Cruz is begging Mitch McConnell to prevent that from happening, but dismissing the charges will save Republicans a LOT of embarrassment during an election year.

All that, and much more, on this week's Ring of Fire!