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Episode 749: Trump Lap Dog's Over Inflate Popularity; MTG Fooled Again; Bannon Names Possible Trump Enemy List

This week on Ring of Fire!

Kellyanne Conway has returned to her previous role as the chief lie-teller for Donald Trump. Over the weekend, Conway appeared on Fox News to falsely claim that Trump spoke to about 8,000 people at a predominantly black church in Detroit, even though photos showed roughly 200, mostly-white people attending his speech. In spite of the photographic evidence to the contrary, Conway continued to push the lie to make Trump feel good, just like she used to do.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is so desperate for Donald Trump to be granted immunity by the Supreme Court that she'll believe anything - including that a video from two years ago was somehow taken just hours ago. Greene fell for a deceptive video on social media that was originally posted by a Turning Points contributor that has a history of plagiarism accusations, with Greene claiming that the video was proof that SCOTUS was about to give Trump immunity.

On Saturday, the soon-to-be incarcerated Steve Bannon rattled off the top names on Donald Trump's enemies lies that will be targeted first if Trump wins the election this year. Those names include special prosecutor Jack Smith, Merrick Garland, and Lisa Monaco. These Justice Department officials and prosecutor are the ones that have caused the most headaches for Trump, but they aren't the only people his allies have talked about targeting.

And it may already be game over for Donald Trump in this year's election as a new poll has found that 21% of Independent voters say that his criminal convictions make it less likely that they will vote for him. They also say that these convictions WILL impact their voting decisions later this year. The only problem is that the public quickly forgets things, and this sentiment could easily die off before we get to November, especially since Trump's other legal cases are likely not happening this year.

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