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PREVIEW: Che Guevara and the Argentine Elections w/ Bad Empanada

The first episode of Andy's newest side project focusing on Latin American politics and history, Talkin' 'Tina!

BreadTuber BAD EMPANADA joins us to talk about the upcoming elections in Argentina that will return Kirchernismo to power after four years of Mauricio Macri's neoliberal buffoonery, but can left-populist Peronism walk the country back from the brink of economic collapse, or will there be a new insurrection like in 2000? And who do the Posadists support?

After that we discuss the life and politics of Che Guevara and the claims that he was a blood-soaked homophobic murderer. We talk about the excesses of the Cuban government, the extent of Che's role in them, and some of our favorite stories of the revolution and after.

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