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Ep 82 - Denvir's Nuggets w/ Daniel Denvir

Jamie is joined by Daniel Denvir (@DanielDenvir), esteemed host of Jacobin's The Dig (aka socialist NPR) to talk about his book "All-American Nativism: How The Bipartisan War On Immigrants Explains Politics As We Know It." In an effort to explain how we got orange man, Denvir traces the history of anti-immigrant politics in the US, paying close attention to the bipartisan consensus that emerged in the 1970s and intensified with NAFTA, only fracturing when the GOP went fully mask off. What have been the material factors driving this? How does decriminalization of migration benefit the working class as a whole? And how should left-populist politicians like you-know-who talk about things like "open borders"? We realize it's like the third episode we've done on this topic, but it's important!

Outro music: Karen O w/ Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross - Immigrant Song and


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