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Episode 503: Why Twitter Relitigates 2016; Getting Non-Voters to the Polls; Is YouTube Hurting Progressive News

Welcome to Ring of Fire, I’m Farron Cousins sitting in for Sam Seder this week.

We’ve got an amazing show coming up today.

Ben Dixonwill be joining me to discuss the vitriol on Twitter and how we need to save our energy for the REAL battles ahead of us.

Luke Savagefrom Jacobin will tell us how to help motivate non-voters.

Congressional candidate Lauren Ashcraftwill discuss her campaign to unseat Democratic incumbent Carolyn Maloney in New York’s 12thdistrict.

And Mike Figueredo, host of The Humanist Report, will tell us how YouTube is hurting progressive channels, and he’ll also give us his take on the Democratic field.

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