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Ep 52 - MELTdown May w/ Cuban, VZ, and PNW anarchists/communists

Andy is back from presenting on Posadas at Cuba's first Trotsky conference and Red May in Seattle with four interviews: Isbel Diaz Torres from the anarchist biblioteca ABRA in Cuba, Simon Rodriguez from Partido Socialismo y Libertad of Venezuela, part of the left-opposition to Maduro, a producer of the Resonance AudioZine distro, and Phillip Wohlstetter of Red May--who wraps everything up with his story of backpacking to Chile in 1973 during the coup.

After doing this interview, Isbel and some of his comrades were arrested for organizing a demonstration in Cuba against homophobia. Learn more and support them here:

More links from the guests: Why Did Chavismo Fail?

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Red May Seattle site and schedule (still one weekend left!)

Songs: Celia Cruz: Elegua Quiere Tambo Silvio Rodriguez - La Verguenza Victora Jara - A Cuba Xylitol - Grey Goo Nirvana - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle