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UNLOCKED Antifada's Proletkult #1 w/ Stephanie Monohan

You got your History is Weapon with Sean KB... you got your upcoming new film series (!) with Jamie Peck... and now we are proud to present the first installment of AP Andy's new Proletkult! This irregularly published Antifada series will cover ufological happenings, the paranormal/parapolitical, left futurism and science fiction.

After some fresh Space News on the Israeli moonlanding fail, Andy is joined by Stephanie Monohan (@shdwbxng) to discuss her recent presentation at the Theorizing the Web conference, 'Lights in the Sky,' on paranormal investigation networks as precursors to social media, our collective obsession with UFOs (as memes or otherwise) and how ufology has been affected in this neoliberal 'post-truth' era. They round out the discussion with an update on the dialectical overcoming of the contradictions within the DSA Posadist Caucus through the formation of NYC's Emerge Caucus (@DSAEmerge) which both she and Jamie are involved in.

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