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High Theory: Communization and its Discontents w/ Swampside Chats and Breht O'Shea

Time to take a big ole bong rip! In a radical departure from our usual weekly content, Sean KB joined up with a bunch of commie pals to talk about C O M M U N I Z A T I O N.

We use Ben Noys' critical compilation "Communization and Its Discontents" to dip our toes into the deep waters of current ultra-left thought on the crises of capitalism and its overcoming:

Has the development of bourgeois society utterly changed the terrain of struggle? Must the proletariat struggle not just against exploitation, but against its very existence as a class? Is there a need for a transitional stage between capitalism and communism, or is the creation of a classless society possible in the present moment?

Tl;dr - mixed reviews. If the content is too heavy or the jargon too jargon-y, feel free to ask for clarification by email, tweet or chat. Sean will be available on Saturday 5-8pm EST on the Antifada Discord to discuss.

Special thanks to Swampside Chats and Breht from RevLeft Radio/Red Menace for the great discussion!

Swamp fam: @swampsidechats

RevLeft fam: @revleftradio