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Episode 21: Russia Russia Russia w/ David Klion

The gang is joined by writer David Klion (@DavidKlion) to talk New York's Democratic primaries, the socialist read on Trump/Russia, and the need for a left internationalism.

The various reactions to Julia Salazar's NY State Senate win and what it means when the libs think they have to be nice to us. We all drag the fuck out of hasbara hack Bari Weiss, of whose bad takes Sean cannot get enough. Jamie and Sean get divorced x 2.

What, if anything, can the left take away from the Trump/Russia story? David breaks it down with help from comrades Bill Maher and Rachel Maddow. Jamie goes off on a cowardly Harrington-ite for his smarmy, disingenuous, red-baiting, left-punching op-ed. International super-friends Bernie and Yanis spit hot bars on foreign policy. All this, plus a new commie karaoke!

Outro music: Pulp - Common People

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