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Episode 15: Welfare Rights & Nutcrackers (& the Feminazis Who Love Them) w/ Wilson Sherwin

Sean and Jamie are joined by Wilson Sherwin, PhD candidate in Sociology at the CUNY Grad Center and PSC union activist.

Gang talks Notorious F.F.P. (Francis Fox Piven) and Glen Beck's hate-on for her. Wilson breaks down the true origins and political economy of frozen, alcoholic street drinks. We all lament, as usual, that NYC is way lamer than it used to be. Jamie spills more tea on the neoliberal nightmare of Ozy Fest. More here:

Gang gets down to the hidden history of the National Welfare Rights Organization of the 1960s-70s. How does capitalism shape the domestic sphere? How have people organized around reproductive labor? Should we demand wages for housework, or wages against housework?! Disruption of the status quo gets the goods off the shop floor, too!

Valerie Solanas feminism vs. $hillary KKKlinton feminism. What's the deal with all this Universal Basic Income talk? Should we be afraid that our Silicon Valley overlords are talking about it, or can there be a left UBI that doesn't result in the Hunger Games? Sean rants about the calculation of human life in monetary terms. Jamie rants about how Laura Loomer deserves no respect, let alone any Jewish lawyer boyfriends. Wilson confesses to getting cockblocked by Marxist feminism on a romantic evening with a hot firefighter.

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Outro Music - Nina Simone "Ain't Got No / I Got Life" live in Watts 1969

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