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Episode 14: Bowie/Musk 2020 w/ Niral Shah & Alex Gendler

This week we are joined by returning guest Niral Shah (@NiralShah) and Soviet agent Alex Gendler (@Achilleselbow) to talk music and Musk. (No Andy this week...he's away at commie camp polluting his mind with cultural Marxism.) Nazi numerology. Abolish ICE, but only after one last special deportation. Epic hangovers. A highbrow review of the David Bowie exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum with an emphasis on his coke spoon and dick. Bowie's cultural appropriation and whether the political economy of music can even produce rockstars anymore.

This Week in Musk: our favorite extremely-online capitalist thinks every British expat in Thailand is a pedo. (Plausible, but problematic.) Free speech for the rich. Niral goes contrarian af and makes a rousing defense of Musk's merits. Alex recalls his time as a wealthy tech bro's garden hermit.

Jamie reveals that Skrillex is a short, insecure nerd IRL. Our new Silicon Valley ruling class are all Skrillexes. Why is there an app to disrupt the key? Why? Why the FUCK? Jamie plays us out with a rousing rendition of Grimes' "Oblivious."

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