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Episode Nine: Violence - Humans in Dark Times w/ Natasha Lennard

Our friend and comrade Natasha Lennard joins us for a discussion themed around her forthcoming book with Brad Evans, "Violence: Humans in Dark Times."

Tash's thoughts on the royal wedding. The US media's problematic framing of the most recent killings in Gaza. Angela Davis on the violence of the status quo. The uncounted millions who've met premature deaths due to the predations of capitalism. The connection between racist police murders, private property and the capitalist state. Why simply reforming the police and prison system is not enough. What kind of violence should the left be willing to entertain in service of social change?

The depressing facts of social reproduction and the revolutionary possibilities of love. Are you a bad anarchist if you don't fuck everyone? The Antifada's first on-air marriage proposal!

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