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Ep 53 - Vaxx don't care about your feelings w/ Anna Merlan

The Illuminati are back, baby! This week, the crew is joined by Anna Merlan (@annamerlan), author of "Republic of Lies: American Conspiracy Theorists and Their Surprising Rise to Power," to discuss where all these conspiracy theories came from and how to defeat #fakenews once and for all.

Jamie and Anna recap how they met at an RNC-adjacent punk show. The crew's favorite conspiracy theories. The history of conspiracy theories in America. What is it about the U S of A that makes it such fertile ground for conspiratorial thinking? The kinds of conspiracy theories believed by the black community and the all-too-real government actions driving them. Conspiracy theories on the far right and in the White House. How conspiracy theories track with "populism." Why Anna is correct in thinking that "we will not be a less paranoid country until we are a fairer one."

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