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Episode 726: Direct Ties to Trump for Fake Elector Scheme? Epstein List is Out; Boebert Tries to Win over New Constituents

This week on Ring of Fire!

The chances of Donald Trump being charged for the fake elector scheme in the state of Michigan are increasing, as investigators in the state have now directly tied Trump's campaign to the fake elector plot. In addition to the new links, Michigan prosecutors also have multiple Trump allies cooperating with their investigation, including three of Trump's former legal advisers: Kenneth Chesebro, Boris Epshteyn, and John Eastman.

New Epstein documents were unsealed this week, and they contain some pretty shocking allegations about Donald Trump's activities with the victims of Epstein. According to one of the victims, another one of the victims had told her that she was involved in a sexual relationship with Trump, going as far as to describe some of the lewd compliments that he would give her during their encounters. These new revelations came after Alan Dershowitz asked for the documents to be unsealed so he could discredit the victim.

A new audio tape has emerged that appears to show Donald Trump ally and political operative Roger Stone talking with a friend of his (who happened to be a police officer) about plans to assassinate Democratic lawmakers Jerrold Nadler and Eric Swalwell. He wasn't talking hypotheticals or fantasies, either: He specifically said that the time to act was NOW. Stone denies that the voice on the tape is his, claiming that it was generated by artificial intelligence.

Lauren Boebert held her first event with the constituents of her new district this week, and she decided to open things up by addressing the elephant in the room: Her grotesque behavior at the Beetlejuice Musical a few months ago. But rather than trying to put it behind her, she thought it would be a good idea to make light of the situation and told a joke about it. This might work for someone in the entertainment industry, but for someone running for Congress is felt more like Boebert never learned a lesson from her behavior.

During Tuesday's hearing on whether or not Donald Trump has "absolute immunity" from prosecution, his lawyer John Sauer was asked by a judge if immunity would prevent a President (like Trump) from being prosecuted for ordering the assassination of one of his political rivals. The lawyer, without even hesitating, said "YES" to that question. Sauer claimed that the only way a president could be criminally prosecuted is if they had been successfully convicted during an impeachment, but the judge didn't seem to buy that argument.

All that, and much more, on this week's Ring of Fire!