Literary Hangover is a podcast, released twice on Saturdays each month, in which Matt Lech and his friends chat about fiction and the historical, social, and political forces behind the creation of it and represented by it.

41 - Areopagitica by John Milton (1644)

Grace (@GraceJackson) and Alex (@Alecks_Guns) join Matt once again to discuss John Milton as a polemicist over John Milton as a poet.

Milton's family background. Charles Deodati. Anti-Popery; the Gunpowder Plot, The Fatal Vespers. Virginity. The Trip to Italy. The English civil war and censorship/openness. Epic Poet tradition. Divorce Tracts. Areopagitica. The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates (ie Yes, We Should Actually Execute the King). Eikonoklastes (ie No, God Is Not Mad We Killed the King). The Ready and Easy Way to Establish a New Commonwealth (ie I Can't Believe We Are Going To Do Monarchy Again).


Full Text of Areopagitica.

OpenYale Milton Lectures Areopagitica episode.

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