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Talkin' 'Tina - Colombia Fights the Plan w/ Santi

For this episode of our side project on Latin American history and politics, we talk to a Human Rights lawyer from the Colombian movement Congreso del Pueblos about the recent uprising against far-right President Ivan Duque's pandemic austerity measures, and the brutal repression that followed.

Earlier this year Duque proposed a new tax on consumer goods, a regressive tax disproportionately effecting the poor population already struggling against booming unemployment. A series of nationwide strikes against the tax and austerity called for late April turned out to be far more massive than anyone had predicted, overcoming some of the deep divisions between the popular movements and Duque's base. But the dozens of deaths, disappearances, countless beatings and sexual assaults that followed have only galvanized the struggle further--and our guest has concluded that the State has "already lost."

Special thanks to Projet Accompagnement Solidarité Colombie

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